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60 - 120 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage

$89 - $169 INCLUDING Optional Upgrades

What's it all about?

  • Pink Himalayan Salt Hot Stones

    • Full-Body Service, No Specific Focus

    • Customized Music Selection

  • Optional Table Heat

  • All linens, blanket, oils, etc are provided

This service may be upgraded to include one or more of the following enhancements we offer :

  • Dual TheraGuns (Percussion Therapy)

  • Ultra-Premium Anti-Inflammatory Full-Spectrum Oil/Salve

  • Electro-Stimulation (TENS for pain relief; various other programs available for strengthening, recovery, endurance, etc.)

  • Extreme Contrast Hydrotherapy (Rapid Recovery & Detox)

  • Bioenergetic Resonance Balancing (miHealth PEMF device)

Check availability and/or conveniently book this service now!

Book 60 Minutes for $89.00

90 & 120 Minutes Also Available!!!

Book 90 Minutes for $129.00

Book 120 Minutes for $169.00

Select "Hot Stones"

as the type of service

***Book with as little as 90 minutes notice***

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