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Parking & Travel Fees?

Long story short::

Parking: 100% Reimbursed by Client

Travel: No Fee for up to 45 minute commute

Parking Fees::

Easily accessible & available parking is of utmost importance! Our therapists carry all the equipment necessary for an appointment and cannot be expected to walk unreasonable distances with it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure parking within close proximity of their location is available. 

All legal parking fees associated with an appointment (excluding tips and parking violation tickets) are the responsibility of the client and will be due at the end of the session.

These fees may include:

*Concierge / Valet Parking

*Street-Side Parking

*Metered Parking

*Parking Garage

If parking is not easily accessible or unavailable altogether, please let us know immediately upon booking your appointment and we'll attempt to coordinate assistance via services such as bell hop, concierge, or other baggage handling services. Payment for baggage handling assistance is the sole responsibility of the client.

If prior arrangements were not made to accommodate the safe transport of therapeutic equipment and the therapist over a long distance, the appointment may be cancelled with very little notice and the deposit will be forfeit.

Travel Fees::

We travel to you, free of fees up to 45 minutes one-way from::

Tampa Premium Outlets

2300 Grand Cypress Dr

Lutz, FL 33559

If we travel over 45 min whether due to traffic or distance, we add a reasonable fee according to the following: 

$0 for between 0-45 minutes

$35 for between 45-60 minutes

$1 per minute additional after 60

This fee is due upon completion of your appointment in addition to the remainder of the cost of your appointment.

Example: a 90 min session booked for travel during rush hour takes 1hr 15min to travel. Cost is broken down as such: $189 for the appointment, +$65 for the travel time. A $75 deposit is collected at the time of booking; $179 is due at end of service.

For your reference, we use GPS's estimation of travel time, but due to traffic conditions such as rush-hour, accidents, etc, we cannot guarantee the total.


If our therapist needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment due to unexpected and excessive travel time, we will 100% waive the late appointment modification fee (typically, the $75 deposit paid at booking).

Any questions?

Contact us via:

Phone/Text : (786) 708-2261


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