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Jasper Koenig, LMT/MMT, Reiki Master/Teacher

Owner, Therapist

Jasper began his career in massage therapy at the end of 2015, after he had been involved in a couple of car accidents in Miami, FL. He knew from previous experience how effective deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy had been in the past, so he sought the help of newly-trained, motivated, and passionate massage therapists at the top-rated school in southern Florida: the Florida College of Natural Health (FCNH, a Steiner Education brand, since re-branded as Cortiva).

Jasper has always had a passion for serving others. In 2007, he achieved the level of Reiki Master/Teacher under the Usui Tradition and attuned several others to the same over the years that followed. In October 2015, while interviewing FCNH to determine whether he would receive the therapy he needed, he felt his innate desire to learn and facilitate the healing in others surge from within...and he found himself signing up for the next available slot in a year's worth of intense anatomical, pathological, and practical hands-on training in soft-tissue therapeutics.

Since graduating and earning his license in February 2017, Jasper has continued his studies focusing on advanced forms of massage therapy such as:

**Medical Massage Therapy
**Cervical & Thoracic Release
**Oncology Massage
**Pre-Post Natal Massage
**Structural Integration and Positional Release
**CranioSacral and Reiki
**Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation
**Cupping and Hot Stone Therapy
**BioEnergetic WellNES System

With the knowledge gained from the aforementioned as well as having strong experience in the advanced forms of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Contrast HydroTherapy, and on-site spa treatments such as body-scrubs, wraps, and sauna-bakes, Jasper has earned himself recognition as the top-rated concierge therapist in the Tampa/St. Pete/Sarasota region.

(786) 708-2261 x701

Jasper Koenig, LMT/MMT, Reiki Master/Teacher
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